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Jim KrutThe Helicopter Zombie

Tom Savini describes the creation of the "Helicopter Zombie" character

Thanks to Tom Savini for sending along GoreZone #30 for me, and doing such a fun job with the story. Thanks also to Fangoria for granting me permission to use it on my website!


"DAWN of the DEAD" and other films

The Bravo Network has called the Helicopter Zombie scene one of the 100 most memorable horror moments in film history. Fans love the scene, which brings everything from applause to screams in theaters. It has also been listed as one of the TOP FIVE zombie death scenes!

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1978 - DAWN OF THE DEAD Is there anyone who does not know about this classic zombie film that brought new life to the dead? The Ultimate DVD version of George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" is simply the best! Jim's scene as the Helicopter Zombie is ranked by Bravo Network as one of its top 100 moments in horror film history! It's also considered one of the top five zombie deaths of all time!




2018 - "A HOST OF SPARROWS" directed by Kevin Alexander Boon through Third Child Productions. I loved this role as a ...well, since there are a few twists throughout, you may have to guess on this one! Now picking up awards at film festivals throughout the nation, distribution will be announced soon.


2019 - "IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN" - directed by Libby McDermott. Still in production in 2018, the film takes place in the months following the events in her first big hit, "Dead Woman's Hollow." 


2017 - "ZOMBIEGIRL DIARY" directed by Mike Pine of Chambersburg. This should be out in 2017.  Vanessa, Jimmyo, Mikayla, Tim and others were great to work with. And Kevin and Michelle were so hospitable, thanks to all! More to come on this one!


2016 - "VALU" directed by Matt Leslie, is a supernatural thriller, a short but frenetic and sometimes violent tale of mistrust and betrayal among a band of bank robbers trapped inside a spooky warehouse.


2015 - GHOSTING  Directed by Kevin Alexander Boon, through Third Child Productions and the Mont Alto Film Project. It's my only role as a minister, in this sinister and suspenseful film! Already a winner at several film festivals and just entering worldwide distribution.


2014 - "CUT YOU RIGHT HERE" - Directed by Robert Buncher. In this short, I play a service station attendant at an end-of-the-road gas station. Artful, psychological study of disturbed young man who keeps searching for himself as he steps on relationships and people.


2013 - THE MALADJUSTEDDirected by Chris Kiros, Josh Davidson. Guys and girls, a beach romp with flashes of skin and a deeper track that explores what it means to seek love and affection, with a peanut gallery of comments and some weird and funny characters. I get to play doctor!


2012 - "FLESH OF THE LIVING" – Directed by Robert Elkins. Ah, it’s great to back on screen with a helicopter! With a microphone in one hand, a revolver in the other, I broadcast live from the “Eye in the Sky Chopper” as the undead roam the towns and forests. But then….


2011 - "THE GREEN MAN" –Directed by G. Joe Shelby. A small role, being a pest while dining at Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh. Actually, the night club scenes had much more action, but I'm not much of a pole dancer. Thanks to director Joe Shelby for including me in this one. Got to work with Bob Buncher, Nick Tallo and several other good folks.


2011 - "Dead iSland"- Director is Josh Davidson. I have a brief role as a high school principal in this film, which was shot entirely on iPhones! Release? Well, it seems some video game company was working on a game with the same name, bearing no relation to the film. Details at 11...


2011 - "12/24"I have a cameo role as a zombie in this film, also featuring scream queen Tiffany Shepis. Director is Anthony Colliano and the shooting finished in May 2009, shown June 2011 at Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival.


2009 - "ZOMBthology" - I have a small role as a doctor in one of the three internal stories in this film, "A Slight Case of Zombism." ZOMBthology features Tiffany Shepis, released as part of a three-director/three-story movie feature. It got great reviews at Louisville's Fright Night Film Fest and other showings. 


2008- "DEADLANDS 2: TRAPPED" - (From director Gary Ugarek of "Deadlands" comes his hottest, improved zombie movie, "Deadlands 2:Trapped." (I have a lead role as Dr. Robert Mitchell, government operative.) NOTE: The extended and unrated full version on YouTube has drawn nearly over 1 million views!  Also now available on DVD from me while supplies last.


2007 - THE GUATEMALAN HANDSHAKE(now available on DVD and Netfllix after a series of successes at film festivals worldwide) Directed by Todd Rohal. A fine, warm, innovative human flick with some unique characters. Filmed in central Pennsylvania. You want to learn more? Available for DVD sale or rental later. Rush out and buy it. I only had a small role, but it was electrifying.



Jim also appeared in background in the Tom Cruise movie "Jack Reacher," filmed in Pittsburgh and released 2013.

"GREEN MAN" premiere in West Mifflin, Pa., with Bob Buncher, Jim Krut, Bingo O'Malley, Nick Tallo and Kyra Schon. Directed by G. Joe Shelby, the film also features Sharon Ciccatti Hill and the late Clayton Hill.

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