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Q: I am running a convention and would like to have Jim Krut, the Helicopter Zombie, as a guest. What arrangements do you need?

A: You may  contact me at jimkrut@helizombie.com for preliminary questions. Depending on distance, overnights and what events you have in mind, my humble needs may vary. Be ready to provide overnight accommodations, travel, meals, and other typical considerations.

Please note that not all of my appearances or work schedules are listed on this site. I may have a film, theatrical or personal commitment. Because a date is not listed does not mean I am available on that date. I love meeting fans and enjoy conventions, but I also have a rather busy work and travel schedule.

Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: Yes. The link is on the left of the home page on my website. Just click on the Facebook link. It offers insight into things beyond "Dawn of the Dead." I am not on Twitter or additional social media, as I can only deal with a limited amount of virtual life.

Q: As a "Dawn of the Dead" fan, how can I get you to a convention closer to where I live?

A: Talk to the promoter of the convention or event and tell them you're interested. It helps if you have a other friends who are also interested! Otherwise, please check my homepage on this website for my currently booked public appearances.

Q: I want to get in touch with other people from Dawn of the Dead and they don't seem to have a Facebook page, or I don't have their email address. Do you have it and can you get it for me?

A: Good question. I do not have all the contact information for everyone who was in Dawn of the Dead, or other films in which I have appeared. However, some are very good friends and I never release any of their information without their consent. Generally, I may be able to forward your contact information to them and let the decision up to them whether or not they reply. Before you ask me to put you in touch, please do your own homework and do a search for them, especially on Facebook. Just because there is no answer does not mean no one is  home or you need a special person to intervene. So, check them out on Facebook or do a Google or Bing search. If they cannot be found, perhaps they do not want to be found!

Q: I see youi're going to be in an upcoming movie. When does it come out, when will it be on DVD or BluRay?

A: Sometimes movies take years to make and edit. If I'm not the director, I generally do not know about a release date until shortly before that date. I have heard promised release dates for films which have taken years to see the light of day (or the dark of a theater). 

Q: I really like the HZ t-shirts. Can you send me one and I'll pay you later?

A: While I actually did most of my mail and online sales that way over the last 15 years, there are reasons I have had to go with a "payment up front" policy. After all, when you get gas, you pay at the pump, not sometime down the road! Also, be sure to check first to make sure I have the size you want! I'm happy to check that out for you.

Q: Can I pay for a shirt or other item with Paypal?

A: Absolutely! It is preferred It makes life so much easier! The Paypal address is helizombie@comcast.net

Q: How much is shipping and handling?

A: I ship by USPS Priority Mail. Most shirts fit a small Flat Rate Box for $6.95, while orders of multiple shirts, extra-large sizes or hoodies (depending on size and weight) may fit in a medium Flat Rate Box for $13.45. I just pass along the actual mailing/packaging costs. Contact me and I will let you know the actual mailing costs for your order! Larger shirt sizes (2XL-3XL) may require more postage. You are only charged the actual cost!

Q: Can you ship items overseas?

A: Yes, but shipping can be expensive, even with fluctuations in the Euro and British Pound. Also, be prepared for customs fees at the receiving end, and at least two weeks to delivery. I will try to give you a close estimate of those charges when you place your order.

(Example: One HZ tee-shirt sent to the UK costs $20, plus $17 postage. A large HZ tee and a HZ Hoodie sent to the UK recently cost $34.50 USD in postage.)  I don't make up the postage rates, I just pass along actual costs.

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To email Jim Krut: 



I am available for a range of roles, appearances and presentations. Due to film production and appearance schedules, please contact me well in advance of your event, thanks! 

I am not represented by a booking agent or manager. I prefer direct contact for 

appearances or casting requests. Thanks! 


To contact  Jim Krut for questions,  merchandise orders, or booking availability, write to jimkrut@helizombie.com or use the online form.

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