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SPECIAL ITEM: Hand-made Helicopter Zombie dolls!

Each has variations and is unique, as they are hand-made. These handcrafted, Helicopter Zombie cuties are sold for $34.99, plus $6.95 shipping, FOR A TOTAL OF $41.94. And, yes, I can take Paypal! (Sorry, currrently not available for international shipping.)

These are from the UK's Claire May and her KillerKnitz designs, crafted by Claire for me. She has a limited number of these for European sales. 

The dolls include my autograph on the tag, and there's enough space for you to select a "To  ___" personalization!


                                TO ORDER: You may contact me by email (jimkrut@helizombie.com) or Facebook Messenger (https://www.facebook.com/jim.krut). Let me know the number of dolls you would like, (limit of two) and any personalization you would like on the tags. When you send me your email address and PayPal address, I will send you a PayPal invoice that includes the doll(s) and shipping costs.  It's really pretty easy!



The "Helicopter Zombie" story

In the 1978 George A. Romero horror classic film "Dawn of the Dead," JIM KRUT's zombie character steps under a whirling helicopter blade and loses the top of his head to cinematic history! He is known as the Helicopter Zombie internationally!


After years of acting on stage, Jim continues working in movies, completing 25 films. He also has appeared  at horror and film conventions in the US, UK and Germany.



For links to excerpts from the international magazines (shown at right) featuring articles on "Dawn of the Dead" and the Helicopter Zombie, click here!


     The Helicopter Zombie scene in "Dawn of the Dead" is one of the Top Five zombie deaths ever? See for yourself! 


     The scene appears in Bravo's list of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oIQW8ftwFg&sns=fb), where Dawn of the Dead is listed as #39.) 


     Check out  Jim's other film credits in the  Internet Movie DataBase under Jim Krut. Click the IMDB  link here, or use the link on the left column. 

Video highlights...

Now available on Amazon Prime, "Host of Sparrows" is a beautifully executed tale of deception, murder and intrigue by director Kevin Boon and Third Child Productions. This is one of my favorite roles! To preview the trailer, click here

This is the classic scene from George A. Romero's 1978 "Dawn of the Dead". Crafted by Tom Savini himself,  here's an uplifting moment that may strike a chord in your brain... (31 sec. version)

Here's a teaser clip from a High Rock Pictures film now in production, "Bottom Creek." The still photo shows makeup being applied while I'm in a kayak. Thanks Cori Coulter, for making me look good!

This 20-minute short is "VALU" from director Matt Leslie in 2016. I'm a little off the rails in this one.  Just remember, I'm still a nice guy!

Chiller Chat, Oct 16, 2018 with host Bryan Hogue. This audio interview with good friend Bryan brings us together nine years after his first interview with me. Good fun and updates on what's happening right now! Also www.chillernighttheater.com


Chiller Chat 2009 host Bryan Hogue interviews me for his Chiller Night Theater program. The interview was in the small corner of the world that my wife calls my "me room." Thanks Bryan, for staying in touch over the years and for bringing chills and thrills to thousands of fans!

Here's an interview with Jim Krut on Zombiepalooza Radio Live, hosted by Jackie Chin. We talk independent films, special effects, current projects and more!

VICTIMS AND VILLIANS INTERVIEW: Here's a link to a recent podcast from Josh Burkey of Victims and Villians, recorded at the October 2018 Four State Comic-Con (Hagerstown, MD). My interview segment starts around 54 minutes, but listen to Eric Roberts, Rusty Gilligan and others on the rest of the podcast. They tell some great stories. My segment covers theater versus film, as well as a bit of horror history!


A tribute to  George A. Romero                   (Nov. 2017 - UK)

For the November 2017 Weekend of the Dead celebration in Manchester, UK, I was asked to narrate a tribute to the late George A. Romero. He was director of Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead and many other classic films. This photo was taken during the rededication of the Evans City Cemetery Chapel, when George cut the ribbon at the opening.

  In addition to my deep affection for his influence in horror films, I am grateful he has brought so many of us together. The video clip begins with a montage of those Romero film actors who have passed on. My narrated tribute starts at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. (Thanks to Gareth Wright and Mark Burns for his work in putting this presentation together.)

George Romero tribute, Weekend of the Dead 2017, Manchester, UK


IMDB - Jim Krut

(Internet Movie Database)

To email Jim Krut: 



I am available for a range of roles, appearances and presentations. Due to film production and appearance schedules, please contact me well in advance of your event, thanks! 

I am not represented by a booking agent or manager. I prefer direct contact for 

appearances or casting requests. Thanks! 


To contact  Jim Krut for questions,  merchandise orders, or booking availability, write to jimkrut@helizombie.com or use the online form.

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